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Want to improve your results in Mathematics and Chemistry?

You have come to the right place! We offer secondary and JC classes for O-level, A-level and IP students.

How are our tuition lessons different from the rest?

Our lessons consist of short lectures and hands-on practices. We always start a new topic by inspiring students with some interesting facts related to the topic. We then go through the concept and show them examples of questions and how to solve them.


Straight after that, students will get some hands-on practices to test them on the skillset that was taught moments ago. These bite-sized hands-on practices are important as it ensures that students are progressing along well and are not overwhelmed by the amount of information presented to them – Essentially mastering the topic bit by bit.


After the students are comfortable with the practices, we will proceed to the next section and repeat the same process. This way of teaching ensures that students are fully-engaged the whole time. It also helps students to build confidence as they see themselves improving with each practice.


At the end of the topic, students will be exposed to exam-styled questions as well as challenging questions. Here, students will be able to apply all the skillsets that they have learnt through the topic to solve exam-styled questions.


Exposing students to challenging questions is part of the strategy to ensure that our students are not only competent but also confident. Are you ready to stop wasting money on ineffective tuition classes and start getting results instead?


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Our Founders

We have, between us, more than 30 years of teaching experience and have help thousands of students Ace their Math and Chemistry exams over the years. We have published A-level assessment as well as Secondary-level assessment books. We develop our curriculum in-house and we use the latest classroom technology to ensure our lessons are clear and effective.

Mr. Gary Ang

Founder, Math Expert

Master of Science (Mathematics for Educators), NIE, NTU

Bachelor of Social Science (2nd Upper Honours), NUS

Double Major in Math and Political Science

NUS Dean’s List Recipient

NUS University Scholar’s Programme

Author of O and A level Math Assessment Books

Member of:

Association of Mathematics Educators

Singapore Mathematical Society

American Mathematical Society

Association of Tutors (Singapore)

Ms. Eileen Tan

Co-Founder, Chemistry Expert

Bachelor of Science (Life Science), NUS

Author of O-level Math Assessment Books

Member of:

American Association of Chemistry Teachers

Association of Tutors (Singapore)


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$120 for 2 trials

for JC students

U.P: $150 per trial

$100 for 2 trials

for Secondary students

U.P: $150 per trial


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